Technical Expertise and Diverse Global Connections

Our service revolves around providing comprehensive HR outsourcing services, covering every aspect from documentation of candidates, to screening, interviews, recruitment, onboarding, training and development and compliance observance. Thus, facilitating the organisations with a talented pool of staff, whenever required without having the organisations worry about the candidates’ documentation and credentials.

Electromechanical Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Activity Code No. – 4322008

Air-Conditioning, Ventilations & Air Filtration

Activity Code No. – 4322005

False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installation

Activity Code No. – 4330018

Building Cleaning Services

Activity Code No. – 8121001

Floor & Wall Tiling Works

Activity Code No. – 4330019

Carpentry & wood Flooring Works

Activity Code No. – 4330005

Painting Contracting

Activity Code No. – 4330003

Plumbing Sanitary Installation

Activity Code No. – 4322002

Plaster Works

Activity Code No. – 4330021

Engraving & Ornamentation Works

Activity Code No. – 4330012

Dynamic Approach and Innovative Solutions

Our services accompanied with unparalleled customer support, expertise and experience lets us ensure that we deliver our client organisation the much-needed flexibility and agility of business operations.

Why ElectraMEP


effective solution

It is our chief duty to provide efficient and effective solution add value to the Client.


achieve clients goal

We will evaluate the client requirements to achieve the clients goal and bring him or her to the appropriate service.


Customer Satisfaction

We will never give up our standards for competitors. Our quality staff is the magic of our success.


befitting STAFF

We will provide the required staff on time. We will deliver the employee in a manner befitting the client’s management rule, contract requirement and state law.

Let us Help!

If you are an employer looking to fill a vacant position, short-term/ long term; temporary/permanent, contact us to gain an insight about how we can help you with your executive search. If you are a candidate looking for a new role, a new job submit your CV, and we will let you know for any further requirements.


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I had a great experience with the ElectraMEP Technical Services. I received prompt replies on my UAE resident visa. Upon arriving in UAE, company representative received me well and started my job. I receive salary on time every month by 28th.